Die Cutting Division-Competitive Advantage

2021-07-10 10:27:58


Die Cutting Division-Competitive Advantage

1. Supply chain management of enterprise advantages

    Strategic cooperation: Sign strategic cooperation agreements or investments with high-quality, developmental or key partners. At present, 6 companies have invested in protective films, double-sided tapes, conductive materials and well-known brand agents. Advantages: Avoid risks in advance and minimize losses when there is a shortage of materials in the market or material changes.

    Risk management and control: conduct research on all auxiliary materials, diffusion and other partners, including quality/capacity/response speed/equipment/personnel/fund risk/R&D investment/environmental protection, etc. Stable partners can escort product delivery.

    In-depth research and development: Participate in new product/new equipment research and development with partners. The successful research and development of new products/new equipment, the company has limited use rights or patent rights, so that the company's competitiveness is increasing day by day.

2. Mature ERP system

    For the production process and finished product shipments, a variety of processes are used to ensure the yield rate of the human-machine material method, and can be traced back to each link (which production process, production time, equipment, production status, working hours, efficiency, production, etc. Relevant information) can be clear at the first time where the product is progressing, and the problems that occur are investigated and resolved in the first time, from the improvement of efficiency and yield, to ensure punctual delivery.

3. Automated process

    Perfect management system: raw materials/processes/finished products can be traced back to big data to optimize enterprise management.

    Production automation: After continuously improving the process and increasing the yield rate, from the previous one die-cutting machine, one person to a line, one person in a line, and one person in a workshop in the future. After the appearance of traditional equipment is produced, automatic inspection equipment is added. +Integration of production is completed, reducing the intervention of manual personnel.

    Inspection automation: In the past, it was necessary to manually measure each size for recording. Now CCD fully automatically inspects products.

    Customer automation: assist customers in upgrading customer production lines, increase customer productivity, optimize customer personnel requirements, and directly reduce customer costs.

4. Quality control

    We have been carrying out quality management in accordance with the requirements of the quality system. In the whole process from supplier selection, raw material inspection, production process inspection, finished product inspection to final product delivery, we insist on operating in accordance with relevant standards. The detection methods are scientific and rigorous, so as to achieve perfection.

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